AngstromBond AB9315 Heat Cure Epoxy (2.5G)

AngstromBond AB9315, Heat Cure, Extended Working Life, 2 Part Epoxy, 2.5 Gram Packet
Manufacturer Part Number
AngstromBond 9315 is a low viscosity, two-part, heat curable, epoxy that comes in clear and dark blue versions. The cured material offers a high glass transition temperature that withstands high thermal and mechanical shock. This system was designed
especially for applications where continuous high temperature exposure is required. AB9315 offers excellent chemical resistance, UV resistance and environmental protection. It has excellent adhesion to metal, glass, ceramic and most plastics.

AngstromBond 9315 has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The clear version has applications for transparent casting. The dark blue version offers ease of polishing fiber termination end faces.