AngstromLap 3D 5um Cushion Polishing Film

AngstromLap 3D 5um Aluminum Oxide Polishing Film with Cushion Layer, 114mm x 93mm, with 2mil PU + PET backing, single sheet
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Our ÔcushionedÕ polishing films consist of a PET film with a cushion layer. The grit side of the cushion layer provides a very large micro-structured surface to support the grit, which during use allows the grit to have many cutting points. The most common grits used are aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. Grits are obtained from tightly graded spheres which have high hardness and durability. Grit sizes are easily identified by color coded sheets. Sheets are 93mm x 114mm.* Sheets can be purchased individually or in sample packs.