Cometx-Ssp Laser Cleaving System for Single and Multi-Fiber

Cometx-Ssp Laser Cleaving System for Single and Mullti-Fiber Connectors including up/down column, tablet monitor with overlay S/W and adapters for 1.25mm, 2.5mm and MT-12 style connectors.
Manufacturer Part Number
The Cometx-Ssp enables efficient and quick laser cleaving of the fiber after the epoxy curing step. The cleaving is non-contact resulting in zero chips or cracks, and provides the best post-cleave conditions for the most efficient polishing process. However, to achieve an extremely efficient process other factors also need to be considered. These include the quality of the connector’s pre-polished geometry, pre-radius and surface quality. When all aspects are addressed a single diamond step polishing process is possible, and in some instances a process without diamond might be attenable. Please contact our technical team for further details.