DORC ZX-1 micro PMS+ PRO Single Fiber Interferometer - 2.5mm

DORC ZX-1 mini PMS+ PRO package including, ZX-1 micro PMS+ Interferometer, ZXPC, ZXAF, ZXRFID, ZXFAST & ZXINSPECT options and 2.5-WT and REF2.5PMSRFID
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The ZX-1 micro PMS+ is a modular system allowing many different configurations and price points. Insert and remove connectors, focus, centering and reference mirror calibration adjustments are all available fully automated. No user mechanical adjustments required. The system is compact and controlled by a laptop computer (desktop or tablet PC's optional) using a single USB 2.0 or 3.0 interface cable. The fan-less, hermetically sealed design is vibration insensitive and impervious to ingress of dust and contamination -making the ZX-1 micro PMS+ feel equally at home in both production and field based applications.

A variety of standard and custom ferrule diameter chucks are available to support all types of single fiber connector diameters and even bare fibers. Only one screw is used to secure a chuck to the interferometer and changing chucks can be accomplished in just seconds with less than 30 seconds required overall, including the apex offset calibration.