Epo-Tek¨ 302 Fast Setting Optical Epoxy

Epo-Tek 302 Fast Setting Optical Epoxy
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EPO-TEK¨ 302 is a two component, 100% solids epoxy that is fast curing at room temperature and exhibits excellent optical properties.

The Epo-Tek 302 is recommended as a general adhesive where convenience and speed of bonding at room temperature is desired. It can also be used for backfilling of fiber optic connectors, lens and filter mounting as well as a coating or sealant for glass, ceramics , wood, metals and most plastics. Some additional applications of the Epo-tek 302 include bonding delaminated printed circuits land areas, assembly of polycarbonate lenses onto fused fiber optic face plates, optical encoders and assembly of plastic membranes used in the desalination of water. It is particularly effective against moisture and water.