Schleuniger FO-7030 Buffer and Coating Stripper

Schleuniger FO-7030 Automatic Portable Buffer and Coating Stripper. Includes 125/900um Blade Set (FO3-F4-1710.A) and 900um Centrilizer (FO3-F4-1709.A).
The FiberStrip 7030 portable fiber optic buffer- and coating stripper is designed for use during installation of fiber optic cable systems. An ideal companion to cleaving and fusion-splicing devices, it is equally well suited for the stripping of fibers in the field or in a production environment. Schleuniger’s proven blade- and centering technique combines with a unique drive system and a fully integrated control system to assure consistent, precise, high quality stripping using a hand-held unit of very small dimensions.