T20000 Micro-Dot Hand-held Epoxy Dispenser - Thumb Actuated

T20000 Micro-Dot Syringe Dispenser (Thumb Actuated)
Manufacturer Part Number
The Micro-Dot hand-held syringe dispenser delivers accurate and consistent fluid deposits from pre-packed 10 mL disposable syringes. This portable syringe dispenser can be set to dispense a wide range of fluid shot volumes. Once a volume is set, it can be repeated indefinitely with acute consistency. The Micro-Dot dispenser is light weight, thumb actuated, and can be used in any environment. Tridak molded taper tips are recommended for achieving the most accurate shot size.

Unlike the machine dispensers that can compensate for changes in viscosity, the Micro-Dot’s positive dispacement remains constant which works well for low to medium UV adhesives. FOC does not recommend the Micro-Dot for epoxies and fiber optic terminations.